Bulla Dairy Foods Storage Silo Upgrade

Sep 14, 2018

the company

From the Bulla webpage: http://www.bulla.com.au/our-story

“Trusted and loved by Australian families since 1910, Bulla Dairy Foods is 100% Australian family owned and has been run by the same three families for five generations.

rusted dairy brands. Bulla remains the biggest selling branded cream on the Australian market and is a leader in cottage cheese, ice cream, yogurt and dairy desserts.”

the project

Bulla Dairy Foods Forest St manufacturing site produces a range of yogurts, desserts, cottage cheese and cream based products. In 2008, the site reached capacity on existing silo storage for two key ingredients, cream and skim milk.

The silo volume upgrade allowed greater volumes of cream and skim milk to be held on site, which meant that production rates could be increased.

Metromotion developed the mass balance data which enabled accurate sizing of new silos, process design, technical specifications, oversaw the tender process, oversaw the installation process and managed the capital investment program.