Bulla Dairy Foods Skim Milk Concentrate

Jan 30, 2019

the company

From the Bulla webpage: http://www.bulla.com.au/our-story
“Trusted and loved by Australian families since 1910, Bulla Dairy Foods is 100% Australian family owned and has been run by the same three families for five generations. The Bulla brand has grown to become one of Australia’s most loved and trusted dairy brands. Bulla remains the biggest selling branded cream on the Australian market and is a leader in cottage cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and dairy desserts."

the project

Bulla Dairy Foods installed a milk separation plant to receive and process raw milk from local farmers in October 2014. The separator produces an excess of skim milk, opportunities to use this excess skim milk came about. However, to enable these opportunities, the skim milk must first be processed into Skim Milk Concentrate. In 2016 Bulla Dairy foods decided to install a Reverse Osmosis plant on its Forest street manufacturing site, in order to produce Skim Milk Concentrate. The new process included the addition of five new silos for the storage of the Skim milk concentrate, lactose and water generated by the Reverse Osmosis plant. Other items included the thermalisation and standardisation of the skim milk. BDH constructed a new building on the Forest street site, this allowed for a powders system to be installed. Clean waste water generated by the Reverse Osmosis process was treated further to allow reuse within the Forest Street sites non-potable water systems, including CIP, reducing consumption of water currently supplied by Barwon Water from the Otway Ranges water storage system. Metromotion designed the process equipment and systems required for the project except for the membrane plant. Metromotion oversaw the installation, commissioning and managed the capital costs of the project.