Bead Foods Hammond Road Site Expansion

Jan 30, 2019

the company

Bead Foods, established in 2001, made a successful range of dairy products for the Australian retail market including the Gippsland Yoghurt brand. In 2012, Agro Farmer US, the company behind Chobani Greek Yoghurt, acquired Bead Foods as a vehicle to enter the Australian retail dairy market. Agro Farmer launched the Chobani product onto the Australian market in 2013 and has successfully continued to grow the brand.

the project

The existing Bead Food Dandenong site was substantially expanded to accommodate additional services, raw material storage, storage silos, processing, filling, packaging, and finished goods storage to support the local manufacture and distribution of Chobani Greek Yoghurt. Local engineering design and project management was undertaken by metromotion in partnership with Boccard US and France. The project was progressed from concept to successful production in 10 months allowing Chobani to successfully enter the Australian retail market.